How to Create Cookie Notifications on Blogger

Cookies or cookies are a term for a collection of information that contains a track record (track record).
How to Create Cookie Notifications on Blogger

Create Cookie Notifications on Blogger

Currently, Google has appealed to all site owners, be it a website or blog, to set cookies on their sites.

This is based on the laws and regulations of the European Union legal policy which requires us to provide information in the form of cookies used and data collected on the site.

In my opinion why Google urges all site owners to set cookies is in an effort to improve surfing services and user convenience.

By reason of the existence of cookies on a site will make it easier for visitors because they no longer need to manually re-enter the login username every time they visit certain sites.

If indeed site visitors have previously visited your site, all their data will be stored properly in the site visitors' own browser cookies.

Meanwhile, if a visitor needs to fill in the login data column on your site, then they do not need to manually fill in the re-login data such as name, email or password because all login data has been stored neatly in cookies.

When login data is required it will appear by itself. We will discuss more about cookies as follows.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies or cookies are a term for a collection of information that contains a track record (track record) and activity obtained when we visit a web page. In simple terms, cookies are a collection of data that is received by a computer from a site and sends back the sites visited.

If examined more deeply these cookies work similar to surveillance cameras that we often find.  The difference is that cookies record our activities and behavior when visiting a site.

Benefits and Functions of Cookies

With cookies, the site can keep a track record (track record) and complete activity with visitor behavior while on a site.  The following are the benefits and functions of cookies on a site.

1. Saving Login Information

Often we as site visitors provide data in the form of login information to perform certain activities on the site.  If a cookie has been installed on the site you just visited, your login data will be recorded there so that if one day you need to fill in data on the site again, your login data will appear automatically.

2. Saving Website Settings

When you visit a certain site, sometimes you as a visitor make some changes to the settings on that site.  For example, when a site offers two different languages, namely between Indonesian and Balinese.  Then you choose a variety of Balinese languages ​​​​then every time you visit the site, you will be immediately presented with the Balinese language according to your previous choice.

3. Provide More Personal Content

The cookie function will provide a better user experience when visiting frequently visited sites. For example, in an online shopping site, you often look for food products when you return to the online shopping site.

You will be presented with various suggestions and recommendations related to food products. In essence, cookies will provide content that is relevant to the interests or preferences of site visitors.

How to Create Cookie Notifications on Blogger

1. Visit the official Cookieconsent website. 

2. Then select Download Open Source.

3. Next you can change some display settings according to your own taste such as notification color, notification text, notification location and duration of notification appearance.

4. Next, you have finished setting the appearance to your taste, so now you can Copy and Paste the two script codes (HTML and CSS) contained in the sidebar. After that for a while please save the two script codes into notepad. 

5. Next, go to your Blogger account > Themes > Edit HTML.

6. Enter the CSS and HTML Style code just before the </head> code or just above the </head> code. The following is an example of the order in which the combined code of CSS and HTML is placed.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="" />
<script src="" data-cfasync="false"></script>
  "palette": {
    "popup": {
      "background": "#237afc"
    "button": {
      "background": "#fff",
      "text": "#237afc"
  "position": "bottom-left"

7. Save Theme to save changes. 

To comply with the European Union's legal policies, we as site owners should not hurt to apply the rules that apply. This regulation itself was made in order to improve the service and visitor experience of all sites on the internet.

This the article on "How to Install Cookie Notifications on Blogger". Hopefully it can be useful. Thanks.

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